Friday, August 6, 2010

Colors of Hope Hamptons

Sonja Morgan from the "Real Housewives of New York" is proud to support the critical efforts of Peace House Africa in their mission to help educate AIDs orphans in Tanzania, Africa. Located in Arusha, Tanzania, the Peace House Secondary School offers a groundbreaking curriculum, which provides an education that focuses on teaching business entrepreneurial skills. Graduates of PHS will become job creators -- young people who can build a sustainable future for Tanzania. She will host Colors of Hope at a private estate in Southampton, New York to benefit the organization.

Sonja Morgan's love and passion goes far beyond being a single mother, a philanthropist, a supporter of the arts, and a lifestyle expert. She is a talented movie producer, a cookbook author and a gardener. Her commitment to her charities is most admirable, and she strongly believes in the art of hospitality and good manners. Sonja does everything with flair, a stroke of brilliance and a dash of warmth that ensures everyone has a wonderful experience to remember.

Fellow "Real Housewife of New York" Ramona Singer will attend "Colors of Hope Hamptons."

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